Покана от Сърбия за участие в 24 часов боулдър маратон
07 октомври 2010


Hello to all of you found to good climbing and fun.

We are happy to invite you to join us on October 30th and 31st for the craziest and most exciting climbing we organized so far. This time you can expect more than 70 various routes, are you ready? :)) Time limit is 24h, which you can use how ever you like: climbing untill breakdown, eating, resting, but sleeping is not encouraged..
Rules are simple, who ever colect largest number of poinst will be winner and so on.. Every route worths 1000 points which are shared between all the competitors that completed it.

1. Male competitors
2. Female competitors
3. Male recreatives
4. Female recreatives

Everybody is climbing together and anyone can climb anything. Three leaders in each category can expect interesting trophy. Lakiest can also expect the trophy from magicians hat...

Start of the marathon will take place on October 30th at 13h and will end on October 31st at 13h. You can decide when to start and finish your climbing... Registration of the competitors will start at 12:15h. We’re still on the same address, climbing center in Narodnih Heroja 7 street. Map of the exact location can be seen on our website www.adrenalin.org.rs
Aplication will be updated regularly on our website, and you can check the start list there.

Registration fee is 500 RSD (5 euros) per person, regardles of your category.
Applications should be sent on following address: office@adrenalin.org.rs

We hope you’re gonna have good time and good climbing....


Nenad Matić: nmatic@nadlanu.com Tel: +381 63 300461
Stevan Todorović: astosh@gmail.com Tel: +381 69 3912939


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