Покана за участие в Зимна катерачна среща, 23.02-2.03.2007 г. от Британския алпийски съвет.
16 октомври 2006

16 October 2006

Dear Federation

BMC / MCofS International Winter Climbing Meet 2007: 23 February – 2 March

I would like to invite your Federation to nominate two climbers from your country to take part in the BMC International Winter Climbing Meet 2007 to be held at Glenmore Lodge in Scotland. This Meet is the fifth of its kind and will bring together climbers of all grades from around the world.

The aims of the meet are:

To promote international friendships and increase communication between National federations.
To give oversees guests an opportunity to experience the full diversity of Scottish winter climbing.
To give guests an insight into British Ethics and Traditions.
To provide a platform for international debate and discussion on current topics of concern in climbing and mountaineering worldwide.

Registration forms are enclosed and the BMC would welcome the participation of opinion leaders from your country and leading female and male activists. We would particularly welcome applications from people who have not attended these meets before. Any climber with reasonable winter/alpine experience can apply. Grade is not important.

These meets are truly memorable events and I very much hope your federation will be able to nominate two representatives to take part in this enjoyable and important event. Please find enclosed:

Meet details
Registration form A - RETURN NO LATER THAN 17 NOVEMBER 2006
Registration form B (each representaive is to complete a Form B)


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards

Becky McGovern

BMC International Meet Co-ordinator

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