I кръг от Световна купа по състезателно катерене за мъже и жени - трудност и скорост, Велико Търново, 22-24 април 2005г.
15 март 2005

difficulty and speed

Veliko Tarnovo/ Bulgaria

From April, 22d to 24th, 2005

The World Climbing Cup competition will take place in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria from April, 22d to 24th, 2005, Female and Male, difficulty and speed category.

The World Climbing Cup is organized by the ICC in accordance with the ICC General, Difficulty and Speed regulations.

1. Organization

The competition is organized by the Federation of the Bulgarian Alpine Clubs (FBAC): Sofia 1000, 75, Vassil Levski bvl.

Tel/fax: 00359 2 9871798; E-mail: office@bfka.org Web: www.fbac.net

2. Participation/ Team quotas

The team quotas are by the International rules of ICC /7.6. Registration of competitors/

Note: All competitors must be registered by their national federations on the attached registration form.

Competitors without International Licenses will not be allowed to compete.

3. Registration:

The registration form must be sent to ICC and Federation of Bulgarian alpine clubs, Address: Sofia 1000, 75, Vassil Levski bvl.

Tel/fax: 00359 2 9871798; tel.: 00359 2 9300532; E-mail: office@bfka.org

Web: fbac.Netbg.com;

Local organizer: Tourist association “Trapezitsa-1902” - Georgi Dimitrov / Iliyana Petrova, Address: Veliko Tarnovo 5000, 79, Stefan Stambolov str.

Tel/fax: 00359 62 621593; 00359 62 635823; tel.: 00359 887 573532;

E-mail: trapezitca_1902@abv.bg Web-side: www.trapezitca1902.com

4. Start fee: by the International rules of ICC

5. Deadline for registration:

Not later than April 08, 2005.

6. Registration

All team managers have to bring passports or ID-cards of the competitors for the registration on Friday, April 22d, 2005.

7. Accommodation

· Reservations must be made on the following address:

Tourist Association “Trapezitsa-1902”, Georgi Dimitrov / Iliyana Petrova

Veliko Tarnovo 5000, 79, Stefan Stambolov str.

Tel/fax: 00359 62 621593; 00359 62 635823; tel.: 00359 887 573532;

E-mail: trapezitca_1902@abv.bg

· Hostel “Trapezitsa” – One star, 79, Stefan Stambolov str.

Situated in the center of the town, accommodates 18 double rooms, 7 for three people and 3 for four people. Prices: One bed in a double room – 13 EURO, One bed in a room for three / four people – 11 EURO; all prices include breakfast.

· Hotel “Momina Krepost” – Ksilifor – Two stars.

Situated 4 km. from the town center, in a beautiful area, accommodates 18 double and 16 rooms for three people. Prices: one bed in a double room – 13 EURO, one bed in a room for three people – 11 EURO; 14 double rooms – 18 Euro per person; all prices include breakfast.

· Hotel “Neptune” – Three stars

Situated in the near center area, accommodates 12 double, one room for three people and 2 single rooms. Prices: one bed in a double room and in the room for three people – 19 Euro, single room – 30 Euro; all prices include breakfast.

· Private house “Kashtata” – Two stars.

Situated in the town center, accommodates 10 person for a total sum 190 Euro per night including breakfast.

Deadline for reservations: April 08, 2005..

8. Competition Venue

The competition will be held in The Palace of Culture and Sport “Vassil Levski” in Veliko Tarnovo.

9. Travel Details

a) By plane: Fly to Sofia, from the airport take a bus No 284,84 till hotel “Pliska”, there from by bus No 213 or a taxi to the station, and from there by train or bus to Veliko Tarnovo

b) By train: Travel to Sofia and there change to Gorna Oryahovitsa, and from there take bus N 10 or a taxi to Veliko Tarnovo

c) By car or bus: After you have reached Sofia, take the highway Hemuss from Sofia to Varna. Veliko Tarnovo is situated on the 240rd km. from Sofia.

d) If arranged in advance, the organizers can provide bus transport from Sofia, Varna or Burgas to Veliko Tarnovo and back, and inside transport in the town during the event – every morning and night from the hotel to the Palace of Culture and Sports, and back. The price is 45 Euro per person.

Deadline for order: April, 08, 2005.

10. Registration

On Friday, April 22d, 2005 from 17.00 to 20.00 in the Palace of culture and sports, Veliko Tarnovo

The technical meeting will take place in the Palace of culture and sports, Veliko Tarnovo, on Friday, April 22d, 2005,


Friday, April 22- d

17.00-20.00 Registration of participants

20.15 Technical meeting

21.00 Light show “Tarnovgrad – light and sound”

21.45 Cocktail for officials and coaches, organized by the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

Saturday, April 23-th


07.30 Open Warming zone

09.30 Close Warming zone

09.40 Observation of the routes

10.00 Qualification – Female, Male - start

14.30 Break

16.30 Open Warming zone

17:30 Close Warming zone

18:00 Official opening ceremony

18:50 Observation of the routes

19:00 Semifinals – Female, Male - start

Sunday, April 24-th


08.30 Open Warming zone

10.30 Close Warming zone

10.40 Observation of the routes

11.00 Final – start


14.30 Open Warming zone

15.30 Close Warming zone

16.40 Demonstration of the routes

17.00 Qualifications – speed - start

18.00 Final – speed - start

19.00 Award ceremony and official closing of the competition

Have a look in our web-side: www.trapezitca1902.com

София 1142, бул. "Васил Левски" 75
тел./факс (+359 2) 930 05 32; e-mail: office@bfka.org
Булстат 121213771, банкова сметка: Райфайзенбанк,
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