The event will be held in discipline Lead.
The two qualification rounds will take place based on flash modus.
The EYC is organized in accordance with the IFSC General and Lead Regulations and the EYS regulations.


1. Organization

Bulgarian Climbing and Mountaineering Federation
Bulgaria, Sofia 1040, 75 Vassil Levski Blvd
Tel/fax: +359 2 987 17 98, + 359 2 930 05 32,
bfka.org, office@bfka.org


2. Participation

Each national federation: 4 male and 4 female competitors in each category (6 for the host country).

3. Registration
- Please, use the online registration at www.ifsc-climbing.org/egroupware
- Please, send a copy to office@bfka.org
- Registration deadline – 27-th September, Monday
- Only competitors with International Licenses will be allowed to compete

4. Registration fee

The registration fee is 12 EUR per competitor. The fee is to be paid at the registration.
For the registration on Friday, October 1st, it is necessary for all team managers to show the passports or ID-cards (international license) of the competitors.

5. Program (Provisional)

Friday, October 1st
19:00-20:30 Registration of participants (The Palace of Culture and Sport “Vassil Levski”)
20:30-21:00 Technical meeting

Saturday, October 2nd
7:30 – climbing hall opens
8:45 – demonstration for qualification route I
9:00 – qualification route I
13:45 – demonstration for qualification route II
14:00 – qualification route II

Sunday, October 3th
8:30 – isolation zone opens
9:30 – isolation zone close
10:00 – finals
13:00 – award ceremony

6. Competition venue

The Palace of Culture and Sport “Vassil Levski” in Veliko Tarnovo.

7. Travel details

By plane: Fly to Sofia, from the airport take a bus No 284 or 84 to hotel “Pliska”, from there by bus No 213 or a taxi to the central bus or railway station, and from there by bus or train to Veliko Tarnovo
By train: Travel to Sofia and there change to Gorna Oryahovitsa, from there take a bus N 10 or a taxi to Veliko Tarnovo
By car: After you have reached Sofia, take the highway Hemuss from Sofia to Varna.

8. Accommodation and reservation

Tourist LTD - http://www.trapezitca1902.com/Index_en.htm
e-mail: office@trapezitca1902.com

София 1142, бул. "Васил Левски" 75
тел./факс (+359 2) 930 05 32; e-mail: office@bfka.org
Булстат 121213771, банкова сметка: ОББ,
IBAN - BG84UBBS81551001950421, BIC - UBBSBGSF